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Why Your Brand Should Be Live Streaming In 2019

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Social Media and customer engagement is always evolving at a rapid pace and many brands struggle to keep up. While live streaming isn’t a brand new technology for 2019, many companies and brands have yet to incorporate live streaming into their marketing program.

Many people still view live streaming as a source of entertainment for things like April the giraffe live stream, fox news live stream, msnbc live stream or the nfl live stream. While yes, live streaming can provide sources for entertainment, live streaming for a brand is one of the most genuine ways to connect with an audience. This allows for huge levels of personalization with new and current followers that the marketing industry has never seen.

Instagram has now become one of the biggest social media priorities for many companies. These companies are using Instagram in a variety of ways to showcase their products, announcement, lifestyle and brand influencers. These companies aren’t always professional photographers posting incredible photos like @nasa or @natgeo but still amass a huge following based on the content they’re providing for their targeted users.

Similar to Instagram, live streaming can allow brands and businesses to amass a huge following of new subscribers. For instance live streams on Instagram are promoted up top in peoples story feed, and with YouTube livestreamers are noted on the first page of the site, allowing for new users to find you. Entire careers have been built off the use of livestreaming, especially in the music and video game industry. Popular YouTuber’s like “Ninja” have amassed a huge following of of over 21 million subscribers who watch him playing popular video game “Fortnite”.  Even global phenomenon DJ, Marshmello used the power of live streaming a special concert in the middle of a game of Fortnite for players. Making this the first time a musician has ever live streamed a concert inside a video game.

Some of the biggest live streams in YouTube history have been from companies that chose to live stream exclusive events such as the Redbull Stratos Jump which amassed over 8 million concurrent viewers in 2012, making it the largest live stream in Youtube history. SpaceX also joined the live stream history ranks in 2018 when the launch of their Falcon Heavy Rocket had over 2.3 million concurrent viewers.

We highly suggest for your brand or business to venture into the live stream realm. You don’t want to miss the chance to gain huge amounts of new followers and finding another way to connect with your audience and create a viral boom.

Tips For Live Streaming In 2019


  • Create a buzz around an announcement you will make exclusively on the live stream. This could be a product launch, giveaway, event announcement, etc.


  • Promote your live stream ahead of time. Announce the time and date of your upcoming live stream and a brief statement about what can be expected. Start to make a social buzz that makes people want to tune in.


  • Prepare a great location with adequate lighting, avoid dark rooms, poor connections and make a great background choice. Nobody wants to see a messy room or distracting background.


  • Make sure you have the best audio experience for your users. So avoid background noises, echoes and areas that would make it hard for viewers to hear you.


  • Great live streams can be done on some of the cheapest equipment or common everyday items such as your smart phone, preparation is important. If you’re interested in purchasing equipment browse YouTube and search for live streamers and the equipment they use. Amazon can also be a great resource for reading user reviews of equipment.


  • Be sure to engage with your viewers, give shout-outs welcoming them to the live stream, allow users to ask questions and be sure to answer them. If you’re using Instagram or YouTube, they both have great chat features so be sure to keep an eye on it.