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Meet Our Client: Alpine Mastering

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Meet Our Client: Alpine Mastering

At the Eight Three Eight Agency we thoroughly enjoy working with our clients and helping them transform and grow their business. We like to feature our clients and share a little more about their business!

Toronto, Ontario Mastering  & Production Studio By Glenn Morrison

The art of the composer, the producer, and the mixing / mastering engineer is like that of an oil painter. Keyboard and guitar flourishes, combined with gentle brushes of EQ & compression, paint a musical canvass that produces art which has vibrancy, definition, soul, and depth. Alpine Mastering is a high end boutique service created for the explicit purpose of offering tailor made musical approaches for our clients. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service, and we strive constantly to better ourselves by adding new and forward-thinking gear and studio practices into the workplace for further creative possibilities.

Our production and creative writing work has grown from strength to strength since the inception of the company. Company founder and multiplatinum record selling composer, artist, and producer Glenn Morrison, has radically changed his room environment in 2016, with the Alpine Mastering studio getting a full acoustic renovation through the internationally renowned acoustician Terry Medwedyk at Group One Acoustics. The room detail work is exquisite, with imported wall fabrics to give a certain warmth to the room sound, and hundreds of hours of custom millwork and build design.  Glenn Morrison has handpicked individual pieces of high end studio equipment that bring a unique palette of characteristics to the taste of music and its seemingly limitless potential for sound quality and timbre. The gear has been scrupulously maintained and our gear is of the finest quality, and of the most cutting edge technology. We understand that knowledge, experience, and a proven track record is important when it comes to the decision of investing/working with Alpine Mastering, and that is why our engineers, producers, and acousticians have accumulated multiple degrees and prestigious awards in the global music community. We have an acute sense of the stylistic overtones that suit each approach to a project and we all have an internationally renowned pedigree to prove it.

Our production writing department has been extremely successful with our clients who need expert creative writing, engineering and musical production. We have a team of over 12 full time writers who each specialize in a certain genre. Our writers have won currently 3 Grammy Awards, have hit the Top 20 Billboard Charts across the world in currently 63 countries, are signed to major record labels, sold millions of certified physical singles, have tens of millions of streaming followers, and have taught and/or have done guest lectures at prestigious universities and production schools across Canada and the UK specifically.

Our tailor made approach to creating records for clients has made us a global industry leader in the production writing and mixing / mastering market. We aim to deliver incredible music, complete with your vision and stylistic headspace, with a final polished sheen of our bespoke mixing and mastering service.

You can think of us in a way as your personal engineers and session musicians – we are with you from the inception of the record to the final stages of mixing and mastering it. Everything that falls under the Alpine Mastering umbrella is of the highest quality and service, and we are dedicated to developing your artistic career and presenting it professionally to the international music marketplace

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