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Meet Our Client: Texas Ski Bikes

Texas Ski Bikes

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Meet Our Client: Texas Ski Bikes

At the Eight Three Eight Agency we thoroughly enjoy working with our clients and helping them transform and grow their business. We like to feature our clients and share a little more about their business!

Texas Ski Bikes – Where Prairie Meets Mountain

Texas Ski Bikes is where Prairie Meets Mountain! Texas Ski Bikes is your leading resource for Ski Bike Rentals and Service. Our Ski Bike Rental service allows you to rent and receive a Ski Bike delivery for use on your upcoming winter trip. Call us today to find out more!

How do you stop on a Ski Bike?

It’s actually quite simple and not any different than skis or a board, using the edges, is the best method. We have vidoes online to demonstrate this technique. Other method includes sitting on seat and simply putting your feet on the ground. One aspect of Ski Biking is that it offers and added safety feature not provided on skis or boards. You are not affixed to the equipment so its lower impact to knees, ankles, etc.

How do Ski Bikes Turn?

The bikes are very nimble and there are several ways to master cornering.

1. Carving: The most recommended and most fun approach is carving. Standing up on the bike you shift the weight to the inside of the direction you want to turn. Identical to snow skiing you simply put the ski on the up-hill edge. You can induce power-sliding using this method by shifting the ski in and out of edge control. See our video section for demo’s.

2. Motorcycle style: This is the recommended approached when learning the bike, its handling characteristics and edge control. Sitting on seat, leaning the bike on edge induces the turn while taking your inside foot off the peg and pushing it forward for balance (like turning a dirt-bike). The more aggressive the lean angle, the sharper the bike turns. This technique can also be used on aggressive slopes where speed control is crucial. It’s also great fun for blasting berms in deep powder.

How do you enter a Ski-Lift with a Ski Bike?

Entering and existing the lift, especially exiting, is very simple. Please check our “how to” video section for examples and instruction.

Onboarding: Stand in lift line with bike next to you. Place one hand on seat, the other hand on the handlebar crossbar. As the chair approaches make sure the bike is to your side. Sit down in chair like you would on ski’s or board, continue holding the bikes seat and crossbar. The chair will push the bike forward on the lift pad. As the chair lifts/rises off the pad lightly pull up on the crossbar and lean the bike against the back of the chair lift. The SB100’s are lightweight and makes for easy boarding. .

How do you exit a Ski-Lift with a Ski Bike?

Exiting the lift is far more simple than ski’s or boards. As the chair approaches the lift exit pad make sure the bike is no longer resting against the back of the chair. Straighten bars placing

one hand on one of the handlebar grips, the other on the seat. Keep the front ski pointing up (this ensures the rear ski is also pointing up). The lift pad will make gradual contact with rear ski which will slowly lower the front ski. You simply allow the bike to lower itself and you walk off the lift to the side of the bike.

We do recommend learning on the 4-person super lifts until you have mastered the technique. This only takes 1 to 2 runs before fully understanding and mastering the process. SB100’s are lightweight at about 30lbs so this makes onboarding simple.

Planning a trip to Angel Fire, Vail Park Cities or your favorite Ski Resort this winter? Contact Texas Ski Bikes today and find out more about the latest sport that combines the love of skiing with the thrill of mountain biking.

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