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Meet Our Client: Sunray Tint

Meet Our Client: Sunray Tint

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Sunray Tint – Dallas/Fort Worth Auto & Residential Tint

Sunray Tint has been proudly serving the Keller, TX and surrounding areas of North Texas’s window tint needs since 1983. From the latest cars, to luxury automobiles, emergency vehicles, classic cars, and even dealership services, Sunray Tint is the premiere window tint film installers of DFW, Texas area. Sunray Tint only installs the industries most high quality and leading tint products from Llumar and Huper Optik.

From the Sunray Tint Website 

We are run by our “hands on” owners, Butch and Sue McCollum, who have owned and operated Sunray Tint since 1983. We are one of the oldest tinting shops in the Metroplex area. We are pioneers in window tinting.

We have been innovative in developing new techniques that result in high quality workmanship. We began this company because we wanted to fill a void. There were too many cars that lacked the appearance of factory tint and had film that had bubbled and turned purple.

We wanted to produce a product that looked like factory tint on cars and trucks and would continue to look classy for many years. We want to provide comfort as well as aesthetic appeal. We chose to provide high quality products which produce better results and longevity.

We are also committed to providing an excellent workplace for our employees in order to produce the high-quality products. Times change and we have kept up with other new technologies.

We realize our investment in our automobiles is very important to all of us. We offer products and services to assist you in “personalizing” your vehicle whether it is signs, tint, graphics or accessories. Our strength is design, protection and aesthetics. We’re all about making a car look amazing and you feeling amazing in that car!

“An experienced team is the one that can handle any predicament with the least amount of negative consequences and more desirable results”

Our purpose is to please the customer. The way we do this is by surrounding ourselves with experienced personnel and providing a product that does what it claims to do. We’ve built our reputation by providing excellent customer service and by producing high quality products.

A large amount of our customers are repeat customers who are totally pleased and then have told others about us!

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